ICON Premo CPAP Machine with Built-In Heated Humidifier ICONPBN



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Elite CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Fisher and Paykel is a leader in the CPAP community when it comes to providing customers with comfortable and therapeutic products, and the ICON continues this habit. The ICON’s ThermoSmart Technology allows you to optimally adjust humidity and comfort with the use of a heated breathing tube designed to hold temperature and humidity constant throughout the night. By keeping these factors constant, Fisher and Paykel assure that you will be able to fall asleep early and get an uninterrupted night’s rest. Ramp technology allows you to adjust the rate of pressure, further helping you tailor your own sleep apnea therapy treatment. With a built in alarm clock and an enhanced data sharing system, the ICON has every one of your needs covered.

Includes the following:

  • Premo CPAP Machine with Built in Humidifer
  • Standard Plastic Hose
  • Cleanable Water Tub
  • Travel Ready Shoulder Bag
  • Disposable Filters – 2
  • USB SmartStick
  • SmartStick
  • Informative User Manuals

Heated Humidifier

The ICON works to make sure that you get the most out of your heated humidifier. The device comes with a built-in humidification system, augmented by an optional heated breathing tube. The tube comes with copper coils embedded in the hose, coils that retain heat inside the tube, providing a constant temperature, and virtually eliminating your chance of getting rainout or nasal congestion.

Ramp Feature

The Ramp allows you to fall asleep easily. The Ramp starts the device’s air flow pressure at a lower pressure than the machine’s normal pressure setting, and increases pressure over a 20-minute period. This feature allows you to gradually adjust to the pressure, letting you fall asleep more naturally.

Comes with an Alarm Clock and Music Playing Capability

The ICON Promo CPAP MAchine comes with a built in alarm clock for your convenience. The device’s AlarmTunes also allows you to play your music for an enhanced experience.


  • Machine TypeCPAP
  • Brand/Manufacturer:Fisher & Paykel
  • Weight:4.8 lb
  • Dimensions:6.3 X 6.7 X 8.7
  • Noise Level:30 dB
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Data Card:Yes
  • Software Available:No
  • Ramp:Yes
  • Exhalation Relief:None
  • Pressure Range:4-20 cm/H2O
  • Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
  • 110 Voltage:Yes
  • 220 Voltage:Yes
  • Can Use A Battery:No
  • Integrated Battery:No
  • Mask Off Alert:No
  • Included In Box:CPAP machine and Humidifier, hard shell carrying case, standard tubing, SmartStick, and manuals.
  • Product Condition:New


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