Respironics Travel Battery Kit for System One & DreamStation CPAP

Respironics Travel Battery Kit for System One & DreamStation CPAP


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For use with the following PAP devices:

DreamStation and System One 50/60 series, CPAP, BiPAP auto, BiPAP autoSV, BiPAP AVAPs, BiPAP ST

*Power supply NOT included. Utilizes patient’s therapy device power supply.

Warranty: 90 days


The Respironics Travel Battery Kit for System One & DreamStation CPAP Machines is intended for use with 50 Series, 60 Series machines, and DreamStation machines. The FAA approved battery is compact and is enclosed in a padded travel case. Pair the battery with the device cord and the additional adapters to make traveling a breeze. The kit does not include a power supply as the battery can operate from the machine’s power supply.

  • FAA Aproved for Travel
  • Compact Ligthweight at just 2.25 lbs.
  • Sleek Design with Travel Case
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Fully Equipped to Power CPAPs
  • Long Battery Life Expectancy
  • LED Charge Indicators

FAA Approved and Travel Friendly

Weighing only 2.25 lbs and measuring 9 in L x 5 in W x 1 in H, this lithium-ion battery is a compact travel unit. The FAA has stated the battery covers all requirements for use on flights.

Refer to the color coded sections on the battery as a simple guide of how to connect the battery to the device cord. This sleek battery is accompanied by a padded travel cover which is only intended for the battery as it does not have room to store other components.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feature is designed to help the battery kick in automatically if AC power fails. This mode ensures power is never lost to the CPAP machine, even after power from the outlet is disconnected. When AC power is available again, the battery will be bypassed, and AC will resume powering the machine. Setting the battery in this configuration will not reduce the lifespan of the battery unless AC power is lost and the battery becomes active.

Fully Equipped to Power CPAP Units

The Respironics Travel Battery Kit includes the device cord and additional adapters to power a System One or DreamStation device. Use the device cord to connect the battery to the CPAP unit.

Long Battery Life Expectancy

The manufacturer states the Respironics Travel Battery can provide approximately 14 hours of power to a machine with a pressure of 10cm H20 or lower, as long as additional accessories have not been added to the unit. These additional accessories include humidifiers and heated tubes.

Note: Other variables such as breathing patterns, advanced pressure relief features, and altitude may decrease the run time of the battery. Purchase this battery cell as a backup or keep it on hand to extend the run time. This travel battery does not offer dual configuration; therefore, two batteries cannot be used together to increase the life of the charge.

With standard use, the battery is expected to operate up to 1,000 cycles.


  • Respironics Lithium Ion Travel Battery
  • CPAP Device Cable
  • Travel Case


  • Battery Weight: 2.25 lbs
  • Battery Dimensions: 9 in L x 5 in W x 1 in H
  • Battery Capacity: 90 W
  • Recharge Time: 3 Hours (When Fully Depleted)
  • Run Time: 14 Hours at 10cm H2O or less, No Humidifier or Heated Tube
  • Battery Life: Approx. 1,000 Cycles
  • Operating Temperature Range: 40° – 140° Fahrenheit (5° – 40° Celcius)
  • Travel Case Weight: 5.28 oz
  • Travel Case Dimensions: 6.25 in L x 9.50 in W x 1.75 in H
  • Device Cable Weight: 4.64 oz
  • Weight of the Lithium Ion Battery in the Travel Case: 2.58 lbs

LED Charge Indicators

This battery features LED charge indicators which can be activated to show the current charge level of the battery while both charging or being used.

  • During Charging: 
    • 1st LED Blinking: 0-20% Charged
    • 2nd LED Blinking: 21-40% Charged
    • 3rd LED Blinking: 44-60% Charged
    • 4th LED Blinking: 61-80% Charged
    • 5th LED Blinking: 81-99% Charged
    • All LEDs Steadily Lit: 100% Charged
  • During Use: 
    • All 5 LEDs Lit: 81-100% Charge Left
    • 4 LEDs Lit: 61-80% Charge Left
    • 3 LEDs Lit: 41-60% Charge Left
    • 2 LEDs Lit: 21-40% Charge Left
    • 1 LED Lit: 11-20% Charge Left
    • 1 LED Blinking: 0-10% Charge Left


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