Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear
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Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear



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Simplus Full Face Mask Complete Set

Simplicity and Performance

The Simplus Full Face mask provides a perfect seal without sacrificing comfort during your CPAP therapy. Keeping with the idea of simple and effective, the three key components work together to deliver exceptional performance and comfort with your mask. The RollFit reduces pressure on the nose, an ErgoForm Headgear provides breathable unobtrusive support, and Easy Frame that guarantees durable performance.

RollFit Seal

The Fisher and Paykel Simplus full face mask comes with a one piece seal that rolls along the bridge of the nose, and automatically adjusts to ensure pressure relief on the nose and face. The seal provides comfort and is effective at minimizing leaks, guaranteeing exceptional performance without blemish.

ErgoForm Headgear

ErgoForm brings two different panels in order to personalize your mask to suit your particular sleep apnea therapy needs. This Simplus full face mask includes a stretchable panel and a non-stretchable panel that provide support for the mask and head. The headgear rests high on the back of your head and ensures a wide range of motion without dislodging during the night.

Advanced Air Diffuser

The air diffuses on the Simplus throughout the night to reduce noise and draft creating a quiet environment for you and your partner. You can sleep well knowing you will get the performance you need with the comfort you want.

Easy Frame

The Easy Frame on this Fisher & Paykel Simplus CPAP mask aims to provide stability through a durable frame that provides a clear field of vision. The frame has a universal fit and comes with easy clip attachment that allows for hassle free removal.


  • Dual Cushion Support
  • MicroFit Dial
  • Detachable Headgear
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible Sizing

Specifications & Description

 Small, Medium and Large
  Included In Box
 Cpap Mask, User Manual and Headgear
  Brand/ Manufacture
 Fisher & Paykel
 Cushion Type


RX Required.


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