Transcend CPAP Mobile Power Adapter



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The Transcend Mobile Power Adapter is a 19 volt mobile power converter for use with Somenetics line of Transcend machines.

The converter allows the Transcend machine to be powered from any alternative DC battery source other than the machine specific Transcend Multi-Night battery. The Mobile Power Adapter has built-in monitoring circuits that will cause an automatic shut down if operated in unsafe conditions.

The Mobile Power Adapter is made up of 3 components:

  1. Power Outlet Cord ending in power outlet/cigarette lighter plug. This cord goes between the Power Adapter unit and the DC battery source.
  2. Power Cord ending in a bent barrel connection to plug into the machine. This cord goes between the Power Adapter unit and the Transcend machine.
  3. Power Adapter unit with 2 attachment points.

Battery Charging

The Transcend Mobile Power Adapter can also be used to charge a Transcend Battery from a DC source. The barrel plug would be plugged into a battery instead of a Transcend machine and connected to a DC source. This will work only with Transcend batteries.

Charge time from a DC source using the Transcend Mobile Power Adapter:

  • Transcend Overnight Battery – approx. 5 hours
  • Transcend Multi-Night Battery – approx. 8 hours


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