Transcend P8 Multi-Night Battery



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8 Cell Battery for Transcend Travel CPAP Machines

The Transcend 8 Cell Battery is used for the Transcend II Sleep Apnea Therapy System only and should not be used with any other CPAP Machine. Also available is the Transcend 4-Cell Battery that will last a smaller amount of time and is used for 1 night only. The Transcend 8-Cell Battery can last 14-16 hours on a full charge at a pressure of 14cm. The battery will only take less than 8 hours to recharge for a completely depleted battery.

The 8-cell battery makes the Transcend travel CPAP a complete travel system allowing you the freedom to sleep away from electricity for a while. If your going on a bigger trip you should buy 2 or three of these and keep them fully charged. The run times on these batteries depends on your pressure. The higher your CPAP pressure the less time it will hold the charge. The Transcend mobile adapter allows for you to re-charge the battery on the go and is ideal for a Truck Driver or someone going on a long trip and will need to use their CPAP Machine during their travel.

Type: 14.4 VDC, 4S2P Li-ion
Mode of Operation: 14-16 Hours Use on Full Charge @ 14cm
Warranty: 9 months
Special Features: Less than 8 hours to re-charge
Device Set-up: Plugs into Transcend CPAP Machine
Charge Indicator: LED
Actual Weight: 1.1 lbs
Run Time: 14-16 Hours @ 14cm
Dimensions: 4.33″ x 3.15″ x 1.66″
Battery Power: Yes
MPN: 503023
Manufacturer: Somnetics


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